Which Real Estate Option Should I Choose in Mackay?

Choosing your next family home is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make, and also one of the most important. But which real estate option is right for you? Should you select land only, a house and land package or a newly constructed home? We take a look at the advantages for each option when buying real estate in Mackay.


Get choice and flexibility with a land only purchase

Choosing land only gives you the ability to decide when you build your home. It also gives you greater flexibility in terms of the home you build. Would you prefer a smaller house and a bigger backyard, or vice versa? Would you like to work with a particular builder? You’ll give yourself the choice by purchasing your land separately. For a limited time, Plantation Palms has titled lots available from just $110,000.


The advantages:

·         You pay for the land only without the house being factored in.

·         You can build when and as you like.

·         You could arrange separate loans for your land and your house payments.

·         You’ll only pay stamp duty for the land as opposed to house and land.

·         You may be eligible for Queensland’s First Home Vacant Land Concession.


Find transparency and convenience with a house and land package

A house and land package includes everything in one solution, including titled land and a home design to be completed by a respected local builder. You can sit back and enjoy the building process knowing there will be no hidden fees or extras. At Plantation Palms, there are house and land packages in Mackay’s northern beaches from under $400,000.

The advantages:

·         You’ll know exactly what you’ll pay for your house and land package, making budgeting a lot easier.

·         Our house and land packages in Mackay are turnkey solutions, including things like landscaping and floor coverings.

·         You’ll know that the home you’re building is well suited for your block shape and orientation.

·         You can make any optional modifications to ensure your house is completed the way you want it.

·         You can arrange and pay one mortgage rather than managing multiple loans.


Find ease and clarity with a newly constructed home

If you like knowing exactly what you’re getting upfront, then purchasing a newly completed home may be the ideal option for you. You can choose from a number of locally built homes from $385,000 at Plantation Palms that include land and an optimally positioned and constructed house. You can walk in, fall in love with the design and best of all, move in much sooner!


The advantages:

·         You can see the quality and design of the home in person, giving you total confidence.

·         You know that the building has been constructed by a quality local builder.

·         You eliminate the building process completely and can move in without delays.

·         Everything is incorporated into the price, including landscaping, floor and window coverings.

·         You may be eligible for Queensland’s Great Start Grant of a further $20,000 until 30 June 2017.


If you’re ready to talk further about your options for buying real estate in Mackay, get in touch with the friendly team at Plantation Palms on (07) 4954 9700. We’d be happy to help you explore our Display Village and all available grants for added affordability.

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