What’s Involved in a Display Home Inspection?

Whether you’re looking for a house and land package or to buy land then build separately, looking through a display home can give you a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the type of home you could soon be owning. You’ll have the chance to assess both the house design itself as well as the workmanship of the builder that you may wish to work with. If you haven’t been to see a display home before, here’s what to expect.

Arriving and exploring

The sales team will welcome you into the display home, but you’ll also be free to explore the buildings at your own pace. You’ll be able to walk through and get a true feel for the flow, orientation, finishes and ceiling heights of the modern home. Most importantly, consider the build quality and the attention to detail as these can help to identify the builder you’ll want to work with. As you make your way through the home, it’s a good idea to take notes of any questions you may want to ask the sales team or builder later on.

We encourage you to really spend some time in each of the homes. Sit at the dining table and get a feel for the living spaces. Imagine cooking dinner in the kitchen, and entertaining friends out on the deck. Is there enough storage for your needs? Could you use an extra room for a study? Thinking about these things while you’re in the physical space makes it so much easier to make changes or find a design that will be absolutely perfect for your needs.

Ask for opinions that count

You’ll be living in your new home with your loved ones, so it’s a wise decision to involve them in the decision-making process! Make a day of visiting the display village and ask for their honest opinions. You are very welcome to bring friends and family back to the display village so you can ensure your future home will tick all of the boxes.

Feel free to ask questions

You will most likely have questions following your visit to the display homes. It’s worth asking about the standard inclusions of the home, as well as enquiring about other options for room configurations or finishes that you may have in mind. Every question is a valid one when it comes to your investment, so ask away! When you arrive back home you will have floor plans and brochures to look through in detail, and our sales team will be available to help with questions and the steps to take from there.

Arranging your visit

Here at Plantation Palms we have four display homes opening in August, 2018 by Fergus Builders, Gemini Homes and Hotondo Homes – with a variety of three and four bedroom homes each home offering a fantastic example of what your lifestyle could be like living in the estate.

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