New research reveals what Mackay homebuyers really want

New research reveals what Mackay homebuyers really want

Friendly neighbourhoods, green design and a plot in the Northern Beaches are just some of the things at the top of the list for Mackay homebuyers according to new research by Plantation Palms. The master planned community surveyed 100 of the city’s residents looking to purchase a property this year to source what buyers really want from a new home.

Influential factors such as affordable price (96%), good location (94%) and a safe environment (93%) came out on top with most respondents rating these criteria as a must when buying a property. A friendly neighbourhood was next on the list (82%), closely followed by a good return on investment (78%).  Surprisingly, over two thirds of respondents stated that a home with a green, low emissions design was a necessity (67%), a result almost on par with buyers looking for facilities for kids, such as parks and play areas (62%).

In regards transport access, more than a third of respondents stated that cycle-ways and sufficient public transport in their community is a necessity (40%), while over two thirds continue to look for easy road access (67%). Pedestrian-friendly streets and footpaths were most important for 82%.

“With the development of new communities in Mackay such as Plantation Palms, homebuyers now have a wider range of ‘essential’ criteria that developers have to take into consideration,” said Kim Clarke, Managing Director of Xcel Properties and Developer of Plantation Palms. “A good community is one that appeals to a vast range of individuals and families who have different interests. By listening to the new generation of homebuyer, whilst staying true to our traditional values, we have been able to achieve this.”

Respondents were also asked to choose their ideal geographical location for their new home. Nearly two thirds selected Mackay’s Northern Beaches (64%), followed by North Mackay (18%). Not as popular were the city’s west, south, and harbour areas (9%, 8% and 1% respectively).

Plantation Palms is one of Mackay’s largest masterplanned communities creating over 2000 homes and saving 4000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. It’s much anticipated Raffia Precinct is now available for land purchase, located at Raffia Street, Plantation Palms. This stage consists of 30 lots ranging in size from 445 sqm to 790 sqm. The precinct offers flat lots with wide frontages and is located close to the established Plantation Park.

This survey was carried out by Plantation Palms to gauge the wants and needs of potential homebuyers in Mackay. For more information on the masterplanned community, visit 

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