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How Do New Home Inspections Work When You’re Building Your Home?

What should you expect when it comes to staged building inspections as your new home is being built?

While building with a reputable builder will help to minimise the chances of any issues arising, new home inspections can provide valuable opportunities for home owners to check that everything is as it should be at various stages of the building process. Here’s how they work.

Staged building inspections

Depending on who you decide to build with, there will likely be several stages where your builder will invite you to come to your block of land and inspect the quality and progress of your build. Often, these inspections will coincide with your progress payments.

Staged building inspections can include the following:

  • A footings inspection of any excavation work on the site in preparation for the slab.
  • A slab or base inspection of your home’s concrete slab once this is in place.
  • A framing inspection to ensure frames are looking plumb and straight and window and door openings look correct.
  • A lockup inspection where you can check elements such as windows, doors, roofing and waterproofing, and
  • A final inspection for a thorough check of the completed home.

It’s a legal requirement that a building surveyor will need to sign off on each of the above stages before progress can continue, so you can rest assured about the quality of your build. You can also contact your builder to arrange an inspection at other times throughout the build process.  

The final inspection before handover

Your final, formal inspection of your beautiful new home is perhaps the most important inspection of the entire process. Here’s where you’ll be able to raise any issues for the builder to rectify prior to the final handover. A council inspector or private building surveyor will also conduct a detailed final inspection at this point.

Once everything looks right, you’ll receive your keys and can feel free to move in!

Tips for maximising your new home happiness:

  • Choose a reputable builder
    Walking through display homes in Mackay can help you to spot the designs and quality you’re seeking. For example, you can visit the display village at Plantation Palms to explore display homes built by Gemini Homes and Hotondo Homes in Mackay.
  • Bring a friend

It can be a great idea to bring a long a trusted friend or family member who’s been through the building process before to ensure everything looks great. You can also choose to hire your own independent building inspector if you wish to for extra peace of mind.

  • Speak up early
    If there’s any issue you’d like addressed or an element you’d like to change, it’s best to bring this up as early as possible during the build. While it’s ideal to have the plan spot-on before beginning, you might be able to work with your builder to rework aspects such as shifting a power point or a lighting fixture.

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