Finding Top Quality Local Real Estate Deals in Mackay

Everyone wants to find a fantastic deal when it comes to purchasing property, but how can you know for sure before you make that investment? Armed with the right information and a thorough approach, identifying good value can be straightforward. Here are some tips for finding the best local real estate for sale in Mackay.

Tip #1. Research the local area

First of all, you’ll want to pick the right suburb. Look into areas that are within 20 minutes of the city centre and top beaches. Try to spot suburbs that offer good established schools, shops and transport options nearby. Not only does this maximise your lifestyle once you’re living in your new home, it will also increase its appeal (and potentially price) if you ever plan to sell your property.

Tip #2. Consider general real estate prices

You’ll want to do your homework so when a perfect block or home does become available, you’ll be able to snap it up with certainty. Even if you’re not planning to buy for the next 6 months while you save your deposit, it’s a great idea to follow real estate prices and register your interest with land estates that you’re interested in so you can keep an eye on the local market.

Tip #3. Get in first

With real estate deals, it’s often a case of the early bird getting the worm. Delaying on a decision can mean that another buyer could obtain that perfect land or home you have your eye on. To avoid that happening, be sure to arrange pre-approval with your lender if you can, and get to know the team at any estates you’re looking into so you’ll get early notice of any opportunities. That way you’ll be ready to strike the second you spot that ideal property.

Tip #4. Consider purchasing land only

For many people, buying an existing home means that they need to compromise and forego their dream home design. By purchasing land only at a great price, you have the flexibility to build exactly what and when you want. There are very desirable blocks within Plantation Palms, for example, starting from just $110,000.

Tip #5. Look at House and Land packages

If you’re searching for Mackay houses for sale, don’t forget to look at houses that don’t exist yet! A House and Land package can offer excellent value and you can usually tailor specific features of the property to suit your preferences. We have house and land packages from $385,000, which secures you a brand new house built by a reputable local builder. Plus, these package prices are fixed so there are no hidden extras. If you’re looking for something that you can move into even sooner, take a look at our existing homes for sale.

If you’re currently looking for real estate and houses for sale in Mackay, it’s well worth taking a look at the blocks and homes available at Plantation Palms. Call the team on (07) 4954 9700 to visit our display village and find your own real estate deal.

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