What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Your New Home Builder?

You’ve chosen the area you’d like to live in and now you’re narrowing down the search for new home builders in Queensland. But how do you make that final decision? By focusing on a handful of vital factors such as quality, flexibility, design and budget, you can ensure you step into the new home you’ve been dreaming of.

The quality of the builder’s existing homes

Above all else, you’ll want to choose a builder that prides themselves on quality. That’s why it’s so important to visit display homes wherever possible to examine a builder’s quality standards for yourself. For example, you can visit display homes from Hotondo Homes and Gemini Homes in Mackay’s Plantation Palms. Be sure to examine details such as door frames and cabinetry to assess the builder’s true attention to detail.


The builder’s reputation

Word travels when a builder is extremely good (or bad) at what they do. Does the builder you’re considering have a good reputation? You might ask friends who have built with them, speak with your real estate agent, or check online as to whether others have had good experiences with the company. While you should ultimately make the final decision yourself, you could avoid costly mistakes by learning from others’ experiences.


The home designs

The design of a home is obviously one of the key factors you need to consider when scoping out builders. Would you change a little about a floor plan if you had the chance, or a lot? Has the builder thought about space, storage, noise insulation and natural light in their design? Some builders will have a speciality, for example in building first homes or two storey homes, so take this into account while viewing their home designs.

Costs and budget

Building your home will be a significant investment, and by choosing a builder who understands and respects your budget you’ll be able to get the best value and quality possible. A builder who you can have clear and up-front conversations with about budget will be more likely to deliver a beautiful home that’s in your price range. This in itself can eliminate the expected stresses of building a new home.

How changes and variations might be handled

We’re all different, and you may well want to make some small changes to the home design you choose. Does the builder listen to your questions and comments? Can changes be made to suit your lifestyle? Does the builder have standard suppliers for finishes, or can you choose your own? Asking these questions at the beginning of the process will ensure you build with someone who respects your individuality and opinion.

The display home at Plantation Palms is open 7 days a week, showcasing homes from Gemini and Hotondo home builders in Mackay. Visit us on Palmetto Crescent (off Rosewood Drive) in Rural View.

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