Construction of the Rosewood Drive Northern Link

Plantation Palms are pleased to announce the construction of the Rosewood Drive Northern Link, a connection between Rosewood Drive and Elegans Parade.
This new connection will bring the following benefits to the entire Plantation Palms Estate community:
  • The link will provide the community with an alternative route to all the facilities at the Northern Beaches;
  • The increased traffic flow will result in more customers to the local businesses located in close proximity to the Rosewood Drive and Mackay-Bucasia Road intersection;
  • Rosewood Drive would become an activated space, creating more opportunities for recreational uses away from the busy main roads and deter the illegal road uses that have been undertaken previously;
  • High school students will have a quicker walking/cycling route, avoiding the busy intersections of Mackay-Bucasia Road, Eimeo Road and Old Eimeo Road; and
  • The project will make it easier for potential buyers to visit vacant lots and further enhance and expand the community.
Construction is expected to commence in August 2016. Click here to view the official notification from Mackay Regional Council.

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