Buying House and Land Separately in Mackay

Should you buy an established home, a house and land package or buy house and land separately in Mackay? It isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision, which is exactly why we offer all options at Plantation Palms. Today, let’s look at the benefits and details of purchasing land for sale in the Mackay region and then building your home.

The advantages of buying house and land separately

If you’ve been looking for Mackay houses for sale you’ll know that there is so much choice available, but buying land and house separately can offer a few advantages. You can purchase land and then take your time deciding on the specifics of your new home. You can choose your own preferred builder from local companies in the Mackay area. You’ll also have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to deciding how to lay out your house and yard. Perhaps the best benefit of all, however, is the fact that you may be eligible for a transfer duty concession (otherwise known as stamp duty). Essentially, you would be paying stamp duty only on the land rather than on house and land.

Factors to consider when buying house and land separately

If you are buying your land first you will want to pay careful attention to the lot’s orientation, size and levels. With a house and land package, the builder is generally responsible for any earthworks or slab upgrades that might crop up, but when buying land separately this will be up to you to cover. As such, it’s worth speaking to your builder to decide on the best home to build for the lot type -plus easy for services like water and power to be supplied to in order to minimise potential extra costs. At Plantation Palms, the lots are easy to build on and are fully serviced by power and water.

The Great Start Grant has been extended to 30th June 2018 and is available to first home buyers, which could save you significant cash. If you are eligible, this grant can provide $20,000 towards the price of your home.

The other consideration is that of landscaping and extras. A house and land package will often include these elements but may slightly restrict your options. By purchasing your own land and building later, you can decide exactly how you would like to set out your garden, fencing and driveway (subject to community design guidelines).

As with any property investment, it’s also important to look for a lot that’s close to work, good schools, parks and entertainment options – something that we’ve already scoped out for you here at Plantation Palms! Get started on your search now by browsing our available land for sale in the Mackay region, starting from just $110,000.

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