Building At Plantation Palms

Are you looking to buy land and build your own home but a little confused about the building process? Interested in our Hotondo house and land packages but unsure how to proceed? Look no further. Here are the basics of building your own home with Plantation Palms.

The Process

Building your own home from scratch is not something that will happen over night. There will be countless decisions to make along the way but the basic process goes as follows.

  1. Buy your land
  2. Pay your construction bond
  3. Research and consider your lifestyle needs
  4. Select a builder or architect to design your home
  5. Provide your builder or architect with the Plantation Palms design guidelines
  6. Submit your plans to for review
  7. Receive approval from Plantation Palms
  8. Submit plans to Council or building certifier for construction approval

Building Process

What Is A Construction Bond?

Construction bonds are held as security for any damage that may occur to the Estate during home construction and to ensure that the finished home complies with the design guidelines.

Construction bonds are returned to the home owner when the construction is complete and we are assured that the design guidelines are satisfied.

Buyers at Plantation Palms pay a $2,000 when the land is purchased. To receive your refund, simply e-mail once building is complete and your refund will be arranged within 60 days.

Plantation Palms Design Guidelines

One of the major appeals of designing your own house is that you get some control over the design and layout of your home. There are however some design guidelines to follow in order to maintain a certain aesthetic and comply with safety regulations across the Estate.

At Plantation Palms, all dwelling houses and garages must comply with the following:

  • Blocks or bricks on external walls are to be rendered, painted or bagged with a painted finish.
  • Face brick is permitted as a feature but on no more than 20% of the front facade.
  • Front setbacks should be 4.5m for dwellings and 6m for garages or carports.
  • Side & rear setbacks should be upwards of 1.5m depending on building height.
  • The minimum landscaping requirements for the front garden of each home is 2 x 45L trees and a 15 square metre planting bed.

What Are Building Setbacks?

Setbacks are building restrictions imposed on land owners, usually set by local governments to comply with building codes for safety, privacy and environmental protection. They refer to the distance between a structure and the curb or property line.

If a variation to setback requirements is proposed by individuals, an application will need to be lodged with Mackay Regional Council.

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