The Boost to Mackay’s Economy with The Opening of Home Co

The new Mackay Home Consortium opened in 2018, and it brings with it great news for the local economy. The 11,332m2 centre is set to be home to eight retailers in total, with Spotlight, Fantastic Furniture, Anaconda, Nick Scali Furniture and PetStock already open for business.

How is Home Co good news for those of us living here in Mackay?

More retailers means more choice for local residents. Several of the new stores already in place are the first of their kind in the region, with successful turnouts for store openings. But there’s a far bigger and better reason to welcome this news. The new Home Consortium complex also means more jobs for local residents and families – in fact, an estimated 200 new jobs throughout the area. That’s more first jobs, part time jobs and managerial roles, providing employment options for almost every age group.

The new Home Co complex also reflects investor confidence. This large commercial input into the local economy shows that investors see potential for living in Mackay and its surroundings, which means positive things for the near future. Smaller retailers tend to position themselves close to larger retail centres, which encourages a healthy economy and even more career options.

Why is Mackay a particularly good place to live in terms of employment?

The unemployment rate in Mackay as of August 2018 was 3.3%, comparing very favourably to the average Queensland unemployment rate of 6.1%. Employment growth in Mackay of 4.2% also came out far ahead of Queensland’s 3.9% average, meaning that there are more people working and more opportunities to work in the Mackay region. Based on these figures, the Mackay economy in 2018 and 2019 is looking healthy.

Add to this the fact that the Mackay Regional Local Government Area is one of the fastest growing in Queensland, and these conditions point to a flourishing population that’s well-employed – the very environment you want for house prices to grow sustainably over time! That’s excellent information for anyone planning to invest in real estate in Mackay or anyone who already owns a house in the area.

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