Buying at Plantation Palms

1. Research 

Undertake research to decide where you want to live.

2. Know your Finances 

It is important to understand what you can borrow and it is best to get pre­ approval from a bank. This can be done by visiting a bank, or  mortgage broker who will go to a variety of banks to get you the best deal on your finance.

3. Select Your Land 

Once you have chosen your location, take a look at the lots on offer and decide on your perfect lot. Things to look at are the size, frontage, the orientation, contours, price. $500 deposit is required to hold your lot.

4. Contract 

Plantation Palms will prepare your contract, and provide it to your solicitor. You then need to contact your solicitor to arrange a time to review and sign the contract.

You will be provided with a signed copy of the land contract to take to your broker or lender to finalise finance approval. If you are also borrowing the money to build your home, you will need to provide them a signed copy of your construction contract.

5. Finance Approval 

Your contract will allow 21 days for you to obtain finance approval, once this is received the balance of deposit being $4,500 is required to be paid.

6. Settlement 

Settlement will occur 14 days from finance approval, or if the land is off the plan, 14 days from the issue of titles! Congratulations!

For more information please download the Buying in Plantation Palms Fact Sheet.

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