A great home fits its family

FOR families who may be feeling the squeeze in their home, it might be time to upsize, which brings with it the requirement for tailored spaces that enable families to grow into them. It may be a struggle for some families to find the perfect home in their next step on the property ladder.

The likely solution is to build a new home. Kim Clarke, Mackay property professional and developer of Mackay’s Plantation Palms said a lack of larger suitable homes for a family with three or more children is an issue, especially ones that don’t break the bank or require extensive remodelling.

“Our research shows less than 40 homes with the additional elements that families need – a study, rumpus and that extra bathroom – on the Mackay market,” Kim said. “These are important factors both for the education and mental health of the entire family. “A new build is the answer for families not only seeking space now, but a home they can grow into over the next 10–20 years, and the energy efficiency of new builds can save money on bills over the long term.

“Building your new home allows you to design the property to meet the exact wants and needs for your family without the constraints that can be found when renovating.”

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