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3 Reasons Why You Need Council Approval for Renovations and Extensions – And Where to Start

You might already love your home or your investment property, but perhaps a little extra room or a renovated kitchen would make it perfect. Whether you’re planning a renovation, a new garage or an extension, it’s important to gain council approval, via a Development Application, before you begin work or engage a professional.

Why do you need council approval for renovations and extensions?

There are three very good reasons:

  1. Council approvals maintain the high quality of local builds.
  2. Council approvals keep things looking consistent within your local area.
  3. A failure to obtain council approval before building could mean you become liable for costly changes – or even have to remove the new work completely!

It’s worth noting the difference between a Development Application and a Building Application. While the first ensures the new work complies with local and broader planning requirements, the second ensures the building is up to scratch with the Building Code of Australia and other relevant building laws.

What type of work will you need to obtain Development Approval for?

This will depend on your local council and its regulations. For example, if you’re planning a project for your property in Plantation Palms or residential Mackay investments, most new extensions will require Development Approval. The local council states that a building Development Approval permit will be required before work can begin on most types of domestic or commercial building work within a cyclonic region. It’s best to check your local government authority for this information. Mackay Regional Council’s information on Development and Building Compliance can be found here.

Where do you begin with a renovation or extension?

The best place to begin is by looking through your local council’s compliance information to see what will be required during the application process. For some work and in some council areas, you may be able to apply for a fast-tracked or streamlined application which can speed the approval process up.

If you’re just getting started with the planning process in Mackay, Mackay Regional Council’s house extension regulations and application guides can be found here.

Thinking about building a new home?

If you’re thinking about building your new home close to Mackay’s beaches and city centre, it’s a very simple process at Plantation Palms. You can either choose from land for sale in Mackay or explore house and land packages with reputable local builders. Our team is here to help you find that perfect block and begin the planning process so you can be in your new home before you know it. Our display homes in Mackay’s desirable suburb of Rural View are open 7 days a week on Palmetto Crescent – drop in and check them out for yourself today!

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